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    Hi there,

    I have this USB scanner that won't work on x86 Macs, so I looked for the best way to have it shared through OMV.
    I read those pages:
    How to get a scanner to work with OMV (Network Scanner)

    But I am still confused as to the best way to share such a scanner over the network. It probably won't move far from my desk, but instead of plugging into the computer, will stay connected to the Raspberry Pi running OMV.

    I already tried:

    1. manually installing SANE on OMV from the command line and launching it directly on the Pi, assuming the display would be exported on the local machine, but got this error, although SSH connection was made with -X:

    Source Code

    1. xsane
    2. (xsane:7382): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
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    There is a new plugin in the Testing repo for DDNS Services, openmediavault-ddclient. Currently there are only configurations for 2 services, DynDNS and No-IP free. More features/services can be added. We just see if there are any requests.

    A Successful update will show in the syslog. If there is no change on the update it will not show in syslog. But you can delete the cache which will force and update regardless if the service needs it. This will leave an entry in the syslog. If you start the service and your current config is not working there is a button to test your config. This will give verbose output and help you to resolve your issues.

    At my office I used to only run a DDNS Service on my router. At times the service would become unresponsive. Now I have an ARM device on the LAN that runs a DDNS Service as well. From years of using a DDNS Service on router I find it best to have the router plugged into a battery backup device with AVR (automatic voltage…
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    Hi folks!

    I work with OMV since last December, putted it onto Bananian Version 1501 on serveral different Bananas.
    I'm not really familiar with linux, so please have some patience with me ^^

    After having lots of trouble (Timeout-issues) with the OwnCloud Plugin v1.4 i decided to restart from scratch.
    Downloaded Bananian v1504, installed latest OMV on it..but now, there is no WebGUI reachable, mo connection, nothing. Since SSH is disabled by omv-initsystem, this is a hughe lol.
    I repeated installation several times, always the same result: no webgui reachable.


    Source Code

    1. netstat -tulpen | grep 80:
    2. tcp6 0 0 :::80 :::* LISTEN 0 17303 13385/nginx

    • I tried to solve network connectivity by using

      Source Code

      1. omv-firstaid
      giving an dynamic and also an static ip, but netstat keeps saying the same stuff and WebGUI does not show up.
    • Pinging the server
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    Hello everyone,

    I am new in the NAS world and also new to OMV. I wanted to have a NAS for a long time and have been searching around for a while now. I checked Synology, which I find to expensive. I checked FreeNas which I think is overkill for me and then I found OMV which I think is great!. I am rather familiar with Debian so that is a plus and it would suffice my needs I think.

    I want to use my NAS as a file server, want to set up OwnCloud, use it as a download station with SabNZB, couchpotato etc. and I want to use it as a Plex media server to stream to just 1 or 2 devices.

    I looked around and made a list of components which I think should be enough for what I want and have the possibility to upgrade if needed.

    CASE: Fractal Design Node 304
    MB: ASRock Z87E-ITX 100 6xSATA+Intel LAN
    CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 OR Pentium G3258
    RAM: Crucial CT102464BA160B 8GB DDR3
    PSU: Cooler Master GM G550M
    DISKS: 3x WD Red SATA 6 Gb/s WD20EFRX, 2TB in RAID5 + a 128GB…

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