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    If you're running a NAS, you got several files. And what if... you're looking for a document that's called "Juli.doc" and you don't know, where it is located? Search with windows-search and wait some hours? :rolleyes:

    Login as root to your command-line and type apt-get install mlocate. After that, you've to modify the config-file pico /etc/updatedb.conf. Locate in that file the line PRUNEPATHS="/tmp /var/spool /media and delete "/media" from that line. Save the changes with "STRG+O" followed by "Enter".

    Now it's time to update the database: updatedb - this could take a time. In future the database is updated automatically once a day. So you don't have to run this command every day.

    Locating your files:
    locate -i juli.doc
    Use the "-i" for ignoring upper- or lower-case. You will be shown the results as a list.

    BTW: Wouldn't a search be a good idea for a plugin?

    If you like something like that for your PC, you'll find some solutions. Easiest way is to look into the index of the…
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    In the Guide for reinstallation on debian, it says to copy your config.xml but it never says what to do with that copy.

    After a reinstall of debian ( accidentally jessied myself ) and openmediavault ( version also incremented by .01 ), I copied the backup of config.xml over the new one, but this hasn't magically restored all my configurations. So maybe i just have the copy of config.xml to consult while I reconfigure?

    The main thing I need to work is mounting disks, I see the file systems listed on file system page, but when I press mount it says

    Failed to mount 'c615b345-5b9c-498d-84b8-610b1fce3cfe': mount: no such partition found

    I can hand mount them and everything looks fine, not sure how to get the mount page working or if I should restore my previous fstab entries. any advice would be helpful.
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    I use a 120GB SSD for my OMV system drive. I have a spare 240GB SSD that I am contemplating throwing in the server, but is there really anything useful that can be done with it? I am using SnapRAID, Subsonic, Plex, Couchpotato, Sonarr, SABNzbd, and Deluge plugins. Can the SSD be utilized in order to speed up the operation of these services in any way? Should I use it as a backup of the main system drive? If so, what's the best way to do that?

    Or will this drive be better used in my desktop or another PC?
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    Hallo Leute.

    Ich bin's mal wieder.

    Thema Stromverbrauch:
    Wenn mein NAS gerade nicht arbeitet (idle) verbraucht es ca. 45-55 Watt. Das ist doch zuviel?
    Der Stromverbrauch im idle und beim Arbeiten (z.B. Filme schauen) wäre mir eigentlich egal.

    Was mich stört ist, dass das NAS im Standby und heruntergefahren 16 Watt verbraucht!
    Gemessen mit GT1379 Stromzähler von Hofer/Aldi und als Kontrolle mit einem Voltcraft MT-52.
    Beide zeigen gleiche Werte an.

    Ich habe schon im BIOS verschiedenste Einstellungen geändert -> hat nix gebracht.
    Ebenso im WebGui Änderungen vorgenommen:
    APM 127 oder 1 versucht
    Spindownzeit 20 Minuten oder deaktiviert.

    Ist das nun ein OMV-Problem oder passen da die Komponenten nicht zusammen?

    AsRock B85M Pro3
    Intel Celeron G1840
    8GB-Kit G.Skill Aegis DDR3L-1600, CL11-11-11-28
    be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 7
    3x 6GB HDD als Raid5
    1x 30GB SSD für OMV

    OMV Kralizek
    Linux 3.16.0-0 bpo.04

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