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    I'm having an issue just like the one in this post Kralizec - can't create shared folder, no volume?.]

    I can't create a shared folder because omv web gui doesn't show any volumes. The volume it's supposed to show is a Btrfs Raid1 system. I have to say that Btrfs is able to do a Raid array by itself without mdadm, like this documentation shows:…rfs_with_Multiple_Devices.

    Since I can't create any shared folders, omv is been useless to me so far. Btrfs is working and mounting well but omv web gui doesn't seem to recognize it. My fstab entry looks like this:

    Source Code

    1. /dev/sdb1 /media/seagate btrfs device=/dev/sdb1,device=/dev/sdc1 0 0

    and yes, that's a valid entry for Btrfs but I could not find any example of entries using UUIDs.

    I also edited /etc/openmediavault/config.xml mntent entry with the fstab entrie above but it didn't work by itself. Any help would be apreciated.
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    I am going to attempt to build an OMV server and I am definitely a noob. I go from looking at using what I have and going as cheap as possible to going as bleeding edge as possible. I have started this journey because I wanted to consolidate all my files and also begin to collect my video library into digital form. I have a crap ton of DVD and Blueray movies, but never get to watch them because it seems like it is a pia to actually put the movie into the bluray or dvd player. My family and I will actually watch a movie sitting through commercials, yet we own on disk! I am really interested in building an HTPC… several actually, but I first want to hammer down a decent file server/NAS.

    I began with looking at current off the shelf solutions and quickly decided that this was not for me. I do like to tinker and learn and I am interested in learning some type of Linux server/ file storage system. I have a lot of components that I have collected over the years and I am posting…
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    Hi all,

    I've got a HP N54L and have been running OMV for a while. All is well, but I've been considering adding more storage after playing around with the almost complete ZFS plugin.

    I currently have 4 drives in the N54L's 4 bays in a soft RAID. I am considering moving those to a RAID-Z2 but expanding at the same time.

    The ideal number of drives for a RAID-Z2 is:

    4, 6, 10, 18, 34 etc for 4K sector HDD's.

    6 drives probably won't be enough and 18 is a little overkill for my needs so I am considering 10 x 4TB drives.

    I have been looking around for a JBOD enclosure and have come across the Icy Box IB-3680SU3 8 bay enclosure.

    My questions is: can anyone confirm that the eSATA port in the HP N54L supports port multiplier under Debian Wheezy? Also, has anyone plugged 8 disks into it?

    Thanks :)
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    I have looked at OMV in the past, but am just now getting ready to attempt to build a system.

    I have the following parts which were formerly a Windows HTPC.

    Intel i3 4130 and biostar mb
    8gb ram
    2x2tb drives
    1x4tb drive (NTFS holding all my media currently)
    1x512gb ssd

    I hope to install OMV and then have at least one VM running a Plex media server. I might add a second vm to handle a local open cloud setup

    I need some advice:
    1 Will this setup run two virtual box VMs on top of OMV?
    2 what's the best route to get my media off the NTFS drive and then free that drive up to be a part of the storage?

    I appreciate any help as I am new to this.
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    die Ausführung von rsync über ssh klappt nicht über die WEBGUI.

    Rechner: bananapi mit OMV 1.13 (Kralizec)und raspberrypi mit raspbian wheezy (läuft seit 1 Jahr als Samba Freigabe sehr gut und stabil)
    Dienste bei beiden: ssh aktiv, rsync server nicht aktiv

    Was funktioniert ist eine lokale syncronisation zweier Ordner auf dem banana pi über die WebGUI

    Vorherige erfolgreiche Tests: Von Windows per putty über ssh auf die beiden Rechner bananapi und raspberrypi zugegriffen und rsync über ssh ausprobiert
    In beiden Richtungen d.h von bananapi zu raspberrypi und umgekehrt, sowohl pull als auch push Methode funktionieren.

    D.h. bei allen 4 möglichen Kombinationen hat ein Datentransfer nach Eingabe des ssh Passwortes geklappt. (Mit privat und public key kommt später zur Automation)

    Auf beiden Seiten ist kein rsync Damon (Server) installiert. Muss ja auch nicht wenn man ssh einsetzt oder?

    Befehl(e) in putty ssh konsole babana pi (Pull)

    root@bananas # rsync -avze ssh…

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